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Tradeshow Marketing Secrets No One is Talking About

They may not be secrets per se, simply because most people know about them. You probably know or have heard about the following, but as far as tradeshow marketing is concerned, are you using them to take full advantage of every exhibition you attend?

First impression, perception is everything

Perception is everything when it comes to tradeshow marketing and you must strive to create a strong first impression using your booth. This should not just be about the size of your booth and kind of graphics used, but also your staff and marketing materials must be in a position to portray the right impression the first time.

It is all about branding

It is vital to use your own brand images on your booth. The images used should not just reflect your brand, but actually be those of products or services you are trying to sell. This is where long term relationships begin and when you get it right, everything will just fall into place.

You must have the right staff

You can have a well set display booth with very beautiful brand images, but if your staff doesn’t reflect the same or if they simply suck, then you will be very far from success as far as the exhibition is concerned. Your staff should be presentable, friendly, and approachable and should also have good comprehension of your products and services. They should also be well trained and have the ability to talk to hundreds of people over the course of many hours, as is generally required throughout the majority of exhibitions.

Booth engagement

With cutthroat competition in most industries, you are probably being challenged by people’s short attention spans, and you must strive to keep your booth visitors engaged the moment they make a stop by. You can achieve this through a product demo, a video to watch, an interactive game, or even a virtual reality headset for them to wear. All you need is to strive to keep them for the first ten seconds, and you will have higher chances to keep them sticking around much longer.

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