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Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Attending trade shows and exhibitions can be a great way to boost your business if you do it right. It’s not rocket science; it’s all about making the most of the opportunities to increase sales with a captive audience. Where else can you get a constant stream of potential customers to view your products or services? If you choose the right trade show and follow a few top tips then you’ll enjoy trade show success again and again which will really help your business to grow.

Trade Show

1 – Make sure that you have a professional space which makes your business stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to take all of your products with you – just a small selection which can help to generate interest in your business. A professional looking stand promotes a professional business. Utilize sales aids which are quick and easy to erect and transport like a retractable banner stand. They are available in many different sizes and can be used as table top displays or larger floor standing displays. They are so quick and easy to use as well as light and simple to transport and store between trade shows. Check out the range at for a few great ideas.

2 – Generate leads before you even get there using the incredible power of social media. You may be able to set a large number of appointments before the trade show even starts if you get the word out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Trade Show

3 – Look sharp and be sharp. Make sure that all of your sales team are dressed smartly and make the time to speak to everyone. They should not sit down or leave food and drinks around the booth. It’s important not to be pushy like the sales people of old, just chat with your visitors and build up a trusting relationship. If a person trusts you then they are more likely to use your products or services.

4 – Have plenty of cool swag to give away which attracts the attention and pulls in the punters. You may be surprised at how many people will sit through a presentation for a free t-shirt or sweatshirt. This gives you the opportunity to take their interest and turn it into a need. Interest won’t make people buy your products, only the people who feel that they need your products will buy them and a few cool giveaways provide the perfect bait to get them on the hook.

5 – Promote the trade show or event as if it were your own private event, and then make it your own private event. Promote and drive attendees to your trade show in every way you can – you can float many boats with a rising tide and this can be a help to everybody.

6 – Take your best sales people and set appointments there and then at the show. It’s important to act fast and get back to people quickly, strike while the iron is hot so to speak. Every sales rep should have a bundle of business cards to type or scan whilst at the show or in their hotel room in the evenings. Don’t let any opportunity slip through your or their fingers.


Some business owners are reluctant to invest the necessary time or money to attend trade shows but they really do provide the perfect opportunity to gain an enormous number of leads. Don’t be afraid of the competition, embrace the competition, print plenty of flyers, have some fabulous freebies, take your top sales people and hit the ground running.

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