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Step by Step Instructions to Use Powerpoint to Create Intrigue in Your Next Presentation

One of the difficulties of any presentation is that we need to both catch and hold our group of onlookers’ consideration while we are talking. On the off-chance that your discourse is 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or much more this could be a true test. The uplifting news is that your Powerpoint (or Keynote) slides can help you if you know how to add a bit of interest to your presentation…

The Problem – Solution Structure

Pretty much every discourse that we give on purpose. Regardless of on the off-chance that you are attempting to pass on some data, persuade your gathering of people to see things your direction, or offer a thought, the ability to structure your discourse as a “pitch” is a discriminating speaker ability and is a piece of open talking.


I realize that many of us don’t view ourselves as a “sales representative”; nonetheless, you will now regularly end up in a circumstance where you need to win your crowd over to your method for considering. The huge inquiry is the way to go about doing this.

One approach to doing this is to use the issue result structure. This is a method for making your discourse with a specific end goal to lead your crowd to the conclusion that you need them to arrive at. Here is the procedure for organizing a discourse in this way:

  1. Did you know? (a reality or fact. An issue that expenses time or cash)
  2. Did you know? (second reality or issue)
  3. Did you know? (third reality or issue)
  4. What if? Envision. (here you show the perfect result)
  5. You don’t need to envision it; we’ve made it!

Instructions to Use Powerpoint To Create Intrigue

When you’ve got the issue result structure down, your next errand is to figure out how to “snare” your gathering of people from the begin. Your Powerpoint slides can help you to do this.

One of the most about issues that we every single have i that very regularly when we are making the slides that we are going to use in our presentation, we begin at the end. We consider what the message that we need to impart to our group of onlookers is and afterward we make a slide that shows precisely what we are attempting to say. It would seem this is the wrong thing to do.

Rather, we have to make Powerpoint slides that will make some interest for our crowd. What this implies for you is that you are not going to need to put your data in to a solitary slide – abandon some or a large part of what you need to convey off of your slide.

The masters have a name for this system. They call it “visual cognitive disharmony”. What it means is that your crowd will see the slide that you are demonstrating to them, however they will need to know more. What is the Y-hub appearing? What do the containers mean? Since the slide isn’t noting their inquiry, their consideration turns to you with a specific end goal to get the answers that they are looking for.

An alternate term for what is happening here is “foresight”. You can use Powerpoint slides that progressively uncover more results to your group of onlookers. As each one slide, your gathering of people will need to know more. You’ll have their consideration from your first word to your last!

What All Of This Means For You

Each moderator needs to catch and hold his or her crowd’s consideration for the length of their whole discourse. Doubtlessly in today’s iphone, ipad, and short consideration compass world this might be tricky to do. That is the reason we have to add some interest to our next discourse.

It would seem one of the profits of open talking is that you can manufacture a presentation that gets your gathering of people’s consideration from the begin. What you have to do is to use the issue – result structure to snatch their investment. At that point use your Powerpoint slides to present some, however not your data. Your crowd will be enthusiastic to hear you out to discover the solutions for their inquiries.

The human personality is a superb thing. It’s continually striving to get answers to inquiries. On the off-chance that as a moderator you offer your crowd unanswered inquiries, then you’ll have to keep their consideration as long as they accept that you’ll inevitably be noting the inquiries that you’ve asked. Add some interest to your next presentation and watch what happens!

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