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Scrapping of settled status fees welcomed by hospitality firms

A fee of £65 for EU migrants wanting to remain in the UK after Brexit has been scrapped by Theresa May. This is thanks to the pressure that the hospitality leaders put on the government to do away with it.


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The fee was planned as part of the registration process when the UK leaves the EU. Any migrants wishing to stay in the UK would have to pay £65. This is what prompted many hospitality firms such as Oakman Inns, Brasserie Blanc and Carluccio’s to object fiercely to the settled status fee. Many of these companies also offered to cover the cost for their staff. Big hospitality groups such as UK Hospitality spoke out openly against the policy.

Acknowledging the problem

May came around to the hospitality leaders way of thinking and realised how much anxiety this settled status fee would cause for EU citizens in the UK. Anybody that had already been charged this fee have been promised they will receive a refund.

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Affecting the UK workforce

The hospitality industry spoke out very strongly to bin the settled status fee. Many believe that Europe plays an important part in delivering great service and skills, and to fill these roles with people who want to do the job – something many British people don’t want to do. There are more than two million people currently working in the UK hospitality sector, and half a million of these are European. The UK needs them and that is a fact.

Whilst the scrapping of the status fee may have been a battle won, the war is far from over. Migrants still have to apply to stay in the UK, and there won’t be anything resembling free movement anymore. Even in the last year, applications coming in have fallen to almost nothing. It really is the perfect storm where more and more European employees are returning to their home countries.

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