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How to Create Content That Will Increase Your Traffic the Next Day

Traffic is the life blood of any website and business. In short traffic means visitors which mean potential customers and sales. If you don’t have traffic you can’t make any sales and your business won’t last long.

But, the general process of creating traffic means carefully positioned articles and social media postings to generate interest and recognition of your brand and expertise. This is not normally something you can build over night.

However, it is possible to create content that will increase your traffic virtually instantly.

Review Your Technology

If you’re operating a small business then you may not have appreciated how technology can make you more competitive. But, it is an essential part of your business and can help you to understand your current customer base, your intended base and the traffic you are currently getting.

This will help you to see what is wrong with your current approach and make the usually small adjustments that can really make a difference.

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Remove Backlinks

It used to be common for companies to have as many backlinks to their site as possible. However, Google’s Penguin update has made these much less relevant and bad backlinks can actually damage your ranking.

The good news is that Penguin updates in real time, remove the bad backlinks and you’ll see your site move up the rankings increasing your traffic.

Get Published

In a digital world it is often easy to overlook the power of traditional publications. But, the fact remains that there are still top ranking publications in every industry. You need to start publishing in these publications. This will increase your exposure and your traffic.

Create The Right Content

The right content is more than just an informative and well written article. It is actually an understanding of the journey that most customers Business-thankyou-cards take from looking to buy to actually purchasing.

By understanding the journey you can produce content that is highly relevant for each step of the process; in short your customer will have the information they need the moment they realize they need it.


This is one of the most powerful ways in which to attract traffic instantly. Most people will type a question into a search engine. If you’ve anticipated the most frequently asked questions in your industry and created a page of them with answers you’ll attract a lot of traffic. All you need to do then is create internal links and other relevant content and you’ll have a new customer for life.


You’ve probably got older content that has ranked highly. If this is the case then you should consider revamping it. Add new links, meta tags and make it keyword rich. Your article will have a new lease of life and re-attract a high following.

Fresh Content

Of course the premier way to attract more traffic is to publish new content. This should be data backed with several quality links and directly relevant to your target audience. This keeps your business in the mind of the customers and allows you to reach new customers with fairly minimal effort. Just make sure the articles are informative and light. Your customers want to be able to read and understand them quickly.

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